About us

The Sharpening Service (We used to be called Sharpknives) is a family run professional sharpening business, and also a training school for professional sharpeners. 

Our customers consist of ordinary domestic users and professionals alike, take a look at the many testimonials to see where and who our customers are, and what they have to say. 

We try to give a service that we would expect, or at least like to receive, and take great pride in all our work. We don't want you to use us just the once, hopefully you will keep coming back for the excellent all round service we are providing.

There is very little we are unable to sharpen, if you are unsure drop us an email or give us a call. Try us out on a single item if you are unsure, or if that's all you need doing. 

A lot of our work is ordinary household kitchen items, so don't be worried about only wanting one knife or one pair of hairdressing or dressmaking scissors sharpening, and yes we can sharpen pinking shears and rotary cutter blades as well. 

Come to the workshop and watch how it's done, we can also give you plenty of advice. 

Never throw out an old broken knife as we will make it as sharp, if not sharper, than the day you bought it! 

Thanks for reading this page, and if you have any questions or suggestions you are more than welcome to phone or use the 'Contact Us' page. 

 Sharpening Service:- 0791 900 6766 or 01761 453 696