A Sharpening Service for both domestic and commercial customers
Formally known as Sharpknives
Examples of what we can sharpen - Hairdressing Scissors, Dog Grooming Scissors, Dressmaking Scissors, Pinking Shears, Kitchen Knives, Dog & Horse Clipper Blades, Podiatry Nippers, Woodworking Tools......
There is very little we can't sharpen, so just ask if you are unsure!


Mobile: 0791 900 6766

Landline: 01761 470 149 

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Post your items to us

You can send whatever it is you need sharpening, just place your order and pay online, or call 01761 470149 and we can take payment over the phone.


Visit the workshop

Use Google Maps, or print out the directions so that you can find us easily

Before coming to the workshop you might want to phone first to ensure we are in.
We can sharpen while you wait. 
No minimum charge.
8:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday 
9:00 am to 12:30 pm Saturdays
Sundays - Closed

Sharpening Training School

  me training

  • If you are thinking of starting a similar business, then we can train you CLICK HERE.
  • View our new dedicated website for 'Training' for more information.
  • We are approved Scissor and Shear Sharpening trainers for Wolff Industries
  • We are approved Clipper Blade Sharpening trainers for Nebraska Blades.
  • This training will potentially save you thousands of £'s in so many ways
  • We also sell sharpening supplies and machinery via our new dedicated website
Tojiro before Feb 2013 Tojiro Feb 2013 After  
  • The most popular knife sent to us for sharpening and repair is without doubt the Global.
  • However, we sharpen all types and makes of knives such as Bunmei, Glestain, Hattori, Henckel, HIKI, I.O. Shen,  Kai Shun,  Kanetsugu, Kasumi, Kikuichi, Kyocera, MAC, Mashiro, Nenohi, Sabatier, Sakai Takayuki, Tojiro, Victorinox, Wusthof and any other type of Japanese or European knife used in commercial or domestic kitchens.
  • Serrated, Bread and Ceramic knife sharpening available..
  • We can understand you might be a bit nervous about sending your items, take a look at testimonials.
  • Have a look at the photo's page for some examples of the repairs we have done.
 Scissor Sharpening & Repairs

 pinking shears  Kanpeki Scissors 

  • Hairdressing scissors, Pinking shears & Dressmaking scissors are serviced and sharpened by fully trained staff, on dedicated equipment.
    • The above link shows us servicing some hairdressing scissors.
  • We stock Genuine Joewell spare parts sourced direct from Japan.
  • Visit the workshop. We will do what is required whilst you watch, and perhaps get some tips on scissor maintenance.
  • Convex & Hamaguri edge hairdressing scissors are sharpened very differently to bevel edged scissors using different specialist equipment, but ALL scissors are stripped apart during the service.
  • View the hairdressing Scissor section in the shop for more details on how we will sharpen & service your scissors. We use the industry recognised method of sharpening offering a full money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied.
  • All makes and types of scissor serviced such as Jaguar, Joewell, Kai, Kanpeki, Kenchii, Kodo, Kosho, Matsuzaki, Mizutani, Passion, Osaka, Sakai, Tondeo, Utsumi and.Yasaka.
  • We now have a dedicated machine that can put perfect new micro serrations on your scissor edge should you want them, or need them. 
  Dog and Horse Clipper Blade Sharpening 

     horse clipper blades arco with spares arco   red blade glide

  • Moser Arco blade sharpening.
  • Horse Clipper blade sharpening.
  • Dog Grooming (A5) blades are serviced, not just sharpened.
  • View the clipper blade section in the shop for the exact details.
  • We can sharpen while you wait at the workshop.
  • Clipper machine service and PAT test  
  • HORSE CLIPPER MACHINE HIRE - £20 for 24hrs with a newly sharpened blade each time.


Horse and Dog Clipper Machine Hire.

 LIster star  

  • £25 for 24hrs with a newly sharpened set of blades each time.
  • £100 cash deposit that will be returned when you bring the machine back.
  • You will need to bring £125 cash in total.
  • We have Heinigers, Listers, Liveryman, Hauptners, Andis and Aesculap.


 Visit the workshop based between Bath and Bristol

workshop  workshop 2 

  • It may be best to contact us beforehand to avoid delays, sometimes we get very busy.
    • Tel 01761 470 149
    • Mobile 0791 900 6766.
  • Try us on a single item if you are unsure, there is no minimum charge.
  • For Google Maps directions click  HERE
  • If you do not have Google Maps be aware that Sat Nav will not get you all the way here! Print out the Directions to get the exact details of where we are.
  • We can do whatever is required whilst you wait, or drop off and pick up later. There are some lovely country pubs serving good food nearby!


 Postal Service & Online Orders

parcel safe  

  • We will sharpen the day we receive your goods, and post back the following day.
  • Any other questions please Contact Us.


 Hairdressing & Dog Grooming Scissor Sales

 steve_01  IMG_1512

We have joined forces with a Bristol based scissor manufacturer called Kanpeki and now stock and sell this fantastic range of hairdressing and dog grooming scissors. Come to the workshop where you can test any of the range out of their packaging.

Get a no obligation hands on feel, bring along a willing friend and cut their hair to see if you like them, and if they feel good in the hand.

All scissors have a life time warranty and also a 21 day money back guarantee, just in case you don't like them, but we are quite sure you will. 

Just pop in for advice if you want. We can give you our honest opinion from a scissor sharpeners point of view, we have seen and sharpened thousands of pairs scissors, some good, and some not so good, so have seen them all!





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