1. Knife Sharpening - Sharpening Orders

NEVER send knives loose. Make sure they are bound together tightly and the tips well wrapped. If you need advice on how to send knives please give us a call. 


Posting Tips:


  • Protect the tips - tips of knives will easily come through packaging if not properly protected.
  • Wrap each knife individually.
  • Create tubes from newspaper and close over the ends.
  • DO NOT send knives in display cases or knife rolls as they do not provide adequate protection once sharpened.


Does your knife need a repair? If the answer is Yes, then select the 'Knife Repairs' option, as well as the sharpening.  

Prices are per inch of the blade, not per knife.

 1 inch = 25mm (2.5cm)

Products In This Category:

Please remember to wash all your knives before use.

This is to remove all traces of the polish and any solvents used in the sharpening processes.

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