1. Knife Sharpening - Sharpening Orders - Free postage on orders of £75 and over

Does your knife need a repair? If the answer is Yes, then don't forget to select the 'Knife Repairs' option, as well as the sharpening.  

Prices are per inch of the blade, not per knife.

 1 inch = 25mm (2.5cm)

Posting Tips:

Protect the tips - tips of knives will easily come through packaging if not properly protected.
Wrap each knife individually.
Create tubes from newspaper and close over the ends.
DO NOT send knives in display cases or knife rolls as they do not provide adequate protection once sharpened.

Products In This Category:

Please remember to wash all your knives before use.

This is to remove all traces of the polish and any solvents used in the sharpening processes.

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