Photo's page

Never throw out your damaged knives, let us repair them for you.  
This page shows some examples of the repairs we have undertaken. 

1. A Global knife repair. It had a single large nick in the blade.   

     Before2  After2
2. A Global knife with some very large nicks.
Before we started Before we started After the grind, but before the polish
3. A Global knife tip repair.
Global Broken Tip before  Global Broken Tip After
4. A Furi knife repair. This one had large nicks and missing sections along the knife edge.
Damaged Furi  Repaired Furi
5. A Hunting Knife repair.
 Hunting knife with broken tip 3 Hunting knife with broken tip 1   
 Hunting knife with broken tip 2 Hunting knife with broken tip 4
6. A badly damaged Global knife that had lost a third of its length.
Global broken in half Global broken in half
Restored Global Restored Global
7. Sometimes we have very little knife to work with, but we still managed to get an edge on it.
 little knife
8. Quite a nasty nick, almost a tear really, that was removed and the knife restored.
 large nick in the blade (1) large nick in the blade (2) large nick in the blade (3)
9. A Tojiro knife repair removing a large nick.
 Tojiro before Tojiro after
10. This pair of Tojiro's would cost about £400 to replace.
Tojiro before Feb 2013 Tojiro Feb 2013 After
11. A Global knife that had significant damage.
Global Feb 2014 before Global Feb 2014 After
12. A Porsche type 301 knife large nick repair.
Porche Before Porche After
13. Kai Shun repair to the tip.
Kai Shun before Kai Shun after
14. Removing rust from an old carbon steel knife
Rusty Knife after rust removal
15. A Kai Shun and a Henkel both had large nicks in the blade
Kai & Henkel before Kai & Henkel After
16. Another Kai Shun with large nicks that were removed.
 Kai before Kai after
17. Chisel Sharpening. Notice how you can see the roof timbers being reflecting on the polished finish.
 chisel before chisel after